6 Tips for Selling Your Mobile Phone

Newer versions of mobile phones are released every year. For example, Apple, and Samsung, two of the biggest smartphone suppliers in the world, release a newer edition of their flagship phones every year. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for many consumers to find themselves with two or three phones. No one really needs more than one, so it’s best to sell the old ones. There are a number of ways to get rid of an old mobile phone by selling it. You can do it online, which is the preferred method, or you can sell it in person. Here is a list of useful tips that will help you sell off your old mobile phone:

1.     Clean it Up

Mobile phones easily get dirty with everyday use. Therefore, before you list it for sale, you need to clean it up and make it look as good as new. Use a Lysol wipe or a similar disinfectant tissue to gently and thoroughly wipe the surface of the smartphone. The cleaning liquid will evaporate quickly, unlike water, but make sure not to squeeze the wipe onto the surface of the phone. Get rid of any visible dirt marks and let it dry. If you still have the original packaging with you, dust it off and put it back together. You can charge a higher price if you are selling the phone with the packaging.

2.     Present Nicely

You also need to take nice pictures of your old phone to upload online and to email in-person buyers. Make sure the lighting is right and the photo doesn’t look dark. Try to make it look like a professional photo. Never, ever upload professional photos of the phone model when you sell the phone. Show your potential customers genuine pictures and they will be more likely to trust you as a buyer.

3.     Say If It’s Unlocked

You will have to say outright if the phone is locked or not. You can sell a locked phone as long as you are doing it in the country you initially bought and used it. International buyers will have no use for a locked phone, unless they are willing to unlock it themselves.

4.     Offer Details

In the product description, offer details such as how long you have used it, the reason for selling, where you bought it from, the original price, and so on. Buyers will want to know these details outright. Do not expect buyers to call you to ask. Even if they are interested, they might never bother with a Q&A session.

5.     Free Shipping

If you are selling your phone online, you will have a better chance to make a sale if you offer free shipping. You can calculate the shipping costs into the product price to make this offer. If you are selling the phone in person, you can offer to deliver the phone. It’s easy if you live close by.

6.     Auction Online, Rather than Selling

If you put your phone up for auction online on a site like eBay, you might get a better offer for your phone than listing it for direct purchase. There’s an art to auctioning things on eBay; learn the rules before listing your old phone.

Basically, you will be able to get a good price for your phone if you channel a real salesperson. Be realistic though, and don’t set your expectations too high.


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