6 Ways to Keep Frizzy Hair at Bay

No girl wants to deal with frizzy hair. Not only does it not look good but frizzed out hair is also hard to maintain. How do you tackle the issue? There are several things you can do, and we ran through them below.

Avoid Friction

You might have the bad habit of aggressively drying your hair with your towel. The aggressive rubbing would disrupt the cuticles. The best way to dry your hair would be through a towel turban.

Something else that would help would be changing the pillowcase you use. Sleep on silk ones instead of cotton. Silk is a slippery material, so there would be less friction against your cuticles.

Blow Dryers

You may regularly be using blow dryers. The wind from blow dryers cause friction, and thus, frizz. You can modify the blow dryer to make it work for you. Attach a diffuser to its front; you’d be able to dry your hair without your curls being moved around as much.

No Hot Tools

Another culprit is using hot tools on your hair. The tools would damage your hair’s cuticles. The worst things to use would be flat irons.

Considering how bad heat is, you might’ve figured that the heat from blow dryers is also not good.

Some days, you might be forced to iron your hair. What do you? You can apply a heat protectant. They’re readily available in the spray form.

Use Serums

There are quite a few hair serums that were made specially to tackle frizz. They would add weight to hair strands, as well as have proteins that help prevent dryness.

There are many serums on the market, so purchase the well-reputed ones. The noughty hair treatment line is known for some of the best anti-frizz serums around.

Be Mindful of Humidity

Let’s talk about heat again. The direct heat from blow dryers and flat irons aren’t the only heat you should be careful of. Being in very humid environments would cause fizziness to arise too. As you can imagine, always taking hot showers is the worst; your cuticles would be raised.

If you absolutely can’t give up hot showers, turning down the water temperature by a couple of notches would be fine.

Don’t Shampoo Everyday

How often do you shampoo? Using shampoo every time you shower would strip your hair of any natural oils. This is true even for the ones made to tackle frizz. Think about alternating between shampooing and conditioning– you’d be locking the moisture in your hair in.

A pro tip would be to watch how you condition. Apply the conditioner from the back of the neck towards your strands. This would help prevent greasy scalps.

Frizzy hair is every girl’s worst enemy. There thankfully are many ways to deal with it, as discussed. One of the best things to do would be avoiding how much friction your hair experiences. Don’t rub wet hair aggressively with towels – create a turban instead. The pillowcase you use would also influence whether you’d be dealing with a lot of friction or not.

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