Best Girly Costume Ideas for Your Girls Squad

Whether it is a school event, birthday party or Halloween party, going with your gang is the best feeling ever. When you go to a costume party with your friends, it is best to dress as a team than to go as random characters. This does not mean that you have to wear the same outfit like an 80’s boy band. Since most girls get inspired from TV/movie stars these days, you can go as one of your favorite girl squads on television. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

The Kardashians

If you are looking for something trendy and modern, then there is no other better option. The Kardashians have invaded both the television industry and the internet with their hot celebrity gossip. It is ideal for a team of 5 since you can choose between Kim, Kylie, Kendell, Kourtney and Khloe. You might have to spend quite a bit on your clothes since as we know the Kardashians do not shop at thrift shops.

The bridesmaids

If you want to look girly, beautiful and feminine, then you can dress like the bridesmaids. The long purple maxi in the movie will suit any girl and will definitely make your gang look stunning. Moreover, if you find the right color, you can easily make the dresses by yourselves. Wear a comfortable shoe and a silver headband to make it prettier. One person can dress up as the bride to make it even more interesting.

Mean girls

We all love the plastics – well, at least, their fashion sense. If your team is into pink, then this is the ideal theme for your costumes. Your team can wear different shades of pinks to bring some diversity into the squad. You also need to focus on the hairdo, makeup and accessories since the plastics are all about perfection. If you cannot buy all these items, remember that you can refer to simple DIY tips online to make them look original.

Orange is the new black

If you are tired of wearing typical girly clothes, then this idea might suit you. Wearing jail clothes to a party can make your entire squad standout of the rest of girls in the party. You can easily buy or hire prison jumpsuits or even make them yourselves. You can think about adding some accessories such as handcuffs and printed tattoos to make the costume more realistic. You can also draw some bruises on your face for fun.

You can also consider dressing as the Bad Blood gang, spice girls, Barden Bellas or even the pretty little liars.

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