Streetwear style is a genre of its own that impacts the entire fashion industry. It is the type of fashion that is affected by the current views of society on topics such as politics and climate change. It draws inspiration from the social changes that occur.

The current trend of streetwear is moving from a fitness approach to one that embodies protest. Here are some typical elements you could find in modern streetwear and the reasons why they are so famous as well:

Oversized streetwear

The streetwear trend has taken a turn from skin-tight garments and custom fit clothing to loose and baggy clothing. These include graphic tees such as anime t-shirts and baggy shorts. While the oversized outfits have been critiqued as unappealing, they are definitely super comfortable and boldly stand against the fit look that has dominated the fashion industry.

Bold Sneakers

Also known as the ‘ugly sneaker’ style, the bold sneakers have dominated the streetwear scene not only because of its bulky look but also because it goes perfectly with oversized clothing which is also a key element of streetwear today. Pastel sneakers are another booming trend that can be seen currently as well.

Touched-up classic casual

The modern streetwear look gets its inspiration from where it all started; the Californian surf culture. A mix of baggy shorts, tees and skateboards along with the hip hop culture has brought back this streetwear which is basically casual with a touch of classiness.


Techwear is increasingly becoming popular as a part of the streetwear look. While incorporating techwear can help give off a modern and chic vibe, too much of it can take away the relaxed and minimal look that streetwear usually exudes.

All Beige

Due to the emergence of the dark academia styles, current women’s streetwear revolves around beige and darker colours. It is a powerful colour choice that can define your whole look. The colour choice plays a big role in the entire aesthetic of streetwear and currently revolves around beige.


Denim is and has always been the central article of women’s streetwear. While denim with holes, rips and tears were the hype, the current rage is keeping it neat and tidy. Denim is ideal for warmer climates and provides comfort and flexibility hence making it an ideal element for this year’s streetwear.

Colours and patterns

While beige is definitely dominating the streetwear colour palette, pastels and neon’s are still clearly in as well. Water inspired shades such as azure are also prominent colour choices. When it comes to patterns of the streetwear culture, stripes of all types are currently the rage. Geometric prints and monogram prints are also currently in trend and add in the ‘chic’ factor your streetwear may be missing.

By gathering clothing that highlights these elements listed above, you can definitely master the streetwear look. By incorporating these elements, you can add a fun finishing touch to your look.

Image: Streetwear

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