Essential Oils That Can Help Improve Your Mood

It is no secret that moods are fleeting and unpredictable. Many people suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and numerous other negative moods all the time. Luckily, there is an easy solution on hand in the form of natural, essential oils. The right essences, used in adequate amounts can prove to be incredibly powerful in calming the mind and lifting spirits. Here are some of the tried and true essences that you can utilize as well.


Fragonia essential oil has a delightful fragrance and is truly one of its discerning properties. This substance encompasses a variety of wonderful undertones, culminating in an exquisite fragrance. Of course, it is not the scent alone that makes Fragonia such a great oil. This substance has proven to be particularly useful in overcoming any negative emotions. Instead, individuals feel calmer and lighter. There is a feeling of peace and tranquility, making it easier for positive emotions to take over. It can be a great tool when tackling such issues such as depression and anxiety.


There have been many different studies conducted using Bergamot. Scientists and researchers have actually been able to observe a noticeable change in the body’s functioning when this scent is inhaled. When inhaled on a continuous basis, bergamot was found to reduce both heart rate as well as blood pressure. In particular, it was found to work especially well with those who are under frequent stress due to their work or lifestyle. Bergamot is beneficial for those suffering from anxiety as well.


There is a reason that citrus fruits are associated with brightness and zest. Regardless of whether you prefer lemon, lime, grapefruit, or any other citrus fruit, you will receive the same energetic effects. If you need a pick me up or are looking to revitalize your mood, then any citrus essence will work well. Within a short period of time you will feel appropriately rejuvenated.

Clary Sage

If you are looking for contentment, then clary sage could be just the thing for you. Its name literally means to clear. When used in aromatherapy, clary sage is great at helping individuals feel uplifted and satisfied. It also works well for those who are feeling overwhelmed. Not only is this essence great for your mood, it also has numerous health benefits as well. Therefore, you can benefit from it in more than one way.

Combination of Essences

In addition to being quite potent by itself, many of these oils can be used together. In particular, bergamot works well with numerous other essences. You may actually find that sometimes, using several of the essences together, may prove to have a greater effect than the singular essences. You can choose to follow recipes that have already been established or experiment with scents that you find pleasant. You can use these for inhalation purposes or as massage oils, mixed with carrier oils.

It will serve you well to always have one or more of these substances on hand. Whenever you need to improve your mood, you can use them in a diffuser to get that boost that you need.


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