The Five Main Teaching Categories in A School

Teaching is known to be a very rewarding job role. They allow you to be a part of the students’ development by not only feeding them with the knowledge they need but also creating a positive impact and inspiring them to strive towards greater things. Students are considered as the future of this nation and therefore require proper guidance towards a better future.  

A good teacher possesses the quality to teach good values, help students overcome challenges and even encourage them to be beyond book smart. Alongside imparting education, teachers are also taught to require patience and be partial to all students. Here are the five main categories of teachers you’ll find within a school 

Assistant Teachers

The assistant teacher is often found as a subcategory under elementary teachers, who require extra help when it comes to handling little children. While also supporting the teacher in charge and conducting administrative duties, assistant teachers also help encourage positive behaviour and growth while monitoring the students’ progress. They also take the responsibility of casual relief teaching in the absence of the managing teacher. 

Special Ed Teachers

Special Education teachers are trained and qualified to handle students with special needs and disabilities of all ages by providing them with the necessary knowledge and helping them be a part of casual activities in order to give them a more balanced physical, emotional and mental health life. They assess the students individually and take approaches that adapt to their needs. 

Elementary Teachers

Elementary teachers, also known as primary teachers, are known to be a part of kindergarten all the way to grade five and possess the responsibility of building the foundation of every student’s knowledge. From coming up with creative lesson plans to marking homework to managing a classroom and even teaching them to communicate, an elementary teacher balances it all, often with the help of an assistant teacher. They also focus on creating age-appropriate hands-on activities in order to get the students to interact better. 

Middle School Teachers

Middle School teachers, also known as secondary school teachers, withhold the responsibility of teaching either one or more subjects from grade six to eight. While their main role consists of prepping students for their high school life and education, they’re also responsible to help students face their challenges with ease, leading them to success. It is also the teacher’s role to ensure they’re on track by evaluating their academic growth. Middle school teachers also consist of training students in physical activities and extracurricular ones too.  

High School Teachers

High School teachers often teach a specific or individual subject as per their major and interest. They provide students with engaging assessments and tests in order to observe their progress. High school teachers often play a great influential role in the lives of students in terms of creating inspiration and values. Their long-term focus is ensuring the students receive the necessary knowledge for life after school, be it college or work-life. 

Teachers are often known to be second mothers! 

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