Interior Decorating Tips to Catch Anyone’s Eye

Interior decorating styles are something that is becoming more and more popular every day. Whether you are hiring an interior designer to help you out with your place or simply letting out the artist in you, you need to make sure that the style you create is unique and is not only for you to feel comfortable and cosy but also to impress your guests. Here are a few interior design tips you can use when decorating your home.

Choose Your Style

One of the common mistakes we all do is trying to cram in all the styles we think is beauty inside our house. While you might able to add an element or two from one interior décor style, mixing up your styles and bringing them all together under your roof might not be the best idea. So, the first step in interior décor is finding your style.

You can easily do this by deciding what style you prefer when you shop for clothes. Do you like more traditional tailored clothes or do you prefer to have a more playful and less formal style? This would help you to determine the kind of colours, items and accessories, textures as well as furniture you want to choose.

Don’t Buy Anything You Don’t Want

Even when you choose a style, you will find certain items you do not like. For example, you might choose the contemporary style but might not like the minimalist metal furniture. Or you might have chosen a more traditional style but will not like the large bulky furniture that add to the look. When that happens, don’t push yourself to buy something you don’t like.

When you visit a homeware store there and find any piece that belongs to the style you choose, or anything that your designer recommends but you don’t like because it’s not your style, or even if it brings bad memories or will make you regret buying it later, it is ok to leave it out.

Adapt to Your Space

Interior decorating is not only for big spacey homes. You can create a wonderful home even with the smallest space. All you have to do is choose the right colours for your walls and floors and choosing the right size furniture. If you choose furniture that is too large for your space, then it would make the place look crammed, too small and will ruin the neat and organised look you are looking for.

But if you choose furniture that is too small, this would create the opposite effect. The same goes for choosing brighter colours that would add a spacey look or darker shades that makes the rooms look smaller. You can also choose between minimalist furniture and bulky furniture depending on the size of your place.

Choose Your Colours Right

Choosing the right colours is not always choosing your favourite colour. Apart from making sure to considered the available space in the room and the look you are trying to achieve; you will also need to sample it before actually applying them to your entire room. Check out the colour you ae choosing under natural light as well as how it looks at night.

If you like the way, it looks then it is your colour. Does it match with the colour of the furniture you have chosen? Does it match your floors? Even when you have a colour in mind, it is better to try out several shades of the same colour before deciding on one.

The perfect plan for interior decoration is not an exact copy of a room you saw on Pinterest or a magazine COVER BUT a room that is inspired by the styles you love and is also adapted to fit your personal preferences and the available resources. So, make sure to keep these tips in mind when you decorate to achieve the best look!


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