Tricks to Make Your Old Clothes Look New

Not everyone can afford to fill their wardrobe with new clothes as they please. Some people do have to manage with what they have for some time. The problem is, clothes have a tendency to get old quite quickly. In this case, you can make use of the following techniques to give your old clothes a brand new look.

Replace the buttons

If your clothes have buttons, replacing them with something richer is a good idea. Plastic buttons can decrease the appeal of your outfit to a great extent. So, replace them with a pearl, metal or even a colorful bead. You can buy such small items on various online websites and come up with cool ideas and designs to re-stitch the buttons.

To the sewing machine

Getting your clothes tailored will help you to prevent your clothes from getting old in the first place. For instance, if a skirt is too long, wearing it can make the bottom part of it ugly since it will be performing a free sweeping service. So, make sure to tailor your clothes according to your size. A few stitches in the right places can make a big difference. When shopping for clothes, choose simple ones since they are easy to alter and stitch.

Don’t over-wash it

Of course, it is important to keep your clothes clean and neat. However, washing them too often is one of the main reasons why they get damaged and old too soon by fading the color and the fabrics. You must not make them dirty in the first place. Spilling ketchup on your jeans is not acceptable since you are not an 8-year-old anymore. If you do spill or mark your clothes, spot clean it with a toothbrush without washing the entire piece.

Choose black over brown

Although brown is quite a beautiful color, it has a tendency to look old after a short period of use. Also, they can bring more attention towards low-quality materials since they have no appeal of their own. On the other hand, wearing black can distract people from whatever you are wearing since the color looks smashing at all times. It will look great with any color which makes it easier for you to make alterations of your choice. For instance, pasting small, custom-made jewelry can make your black clothes look much cooler.

Thus, there is no need for you to look for your fairy godmother to make your old clothes look good since all you need is some DIY fashion tips.

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